Business is tough stuff.

Working with me is easy.

There are two ways we can partner up to rock your business growth. 

1. "Let's Try Something Different"

When it’s time to figure out exactly what needs to be figured out.

When you’re looking for spark and structure for the Next Big Thing.

When those expensive hourly fees and paralegal email chains get old.

I’ll be: 
Sounding board. 
Make-it-better machine.
A single session built for massive impact.

Let’s get you where you need to be. You’ll get my best thinking, two hours of laser-beam support and the house specialty: dang good referrals and support in developing the best team to tackle your issue du jour. 

Explore that franchise offer. Navigate that sticky legal problem. Craft iron clad contracts. Build a dream team of experts to represent your US business interests. 

Most of my clients use this session as a first step toward taking their business global (my favorite!) 

Already in the fast lane? Consider me your on-call-global-business partner. Leverage my specific expertise in international legal affairs to tackle problems and bring your vision to life.

You’ll leave with wicked strong clarity, actionable next steps for accomplishing your goal. When you’re sufficiently amazed, I’d love to discuss what we could partner up and accomplish in the long term.

Session Price, $1500
2. "Let's Make It Happen"

When it’s time to make the impossible real.

When it’s time for the major strategy upgrades to go international. 

When you’re ready to ditch the stuff in your way and play a bigger game.

I’ll be: 
On-call-business partner. 
With you ‘til the work is done.
Working with me on an hourly or flat-fee basis means getting it done at your pace. Hourly. Weekly. MonthlyLet’s find the level of support that meets your needs. 

Search for the right growth partners. Develop international trade relationships. Launch a new revenue model. We can make it all happen, together.

Strategic support and business development is my specialty (I throw in the feisty, straight-shooter perspective as a bonus). With over 30 years spent supporting global enterprise and small business clients in all aspects of development, I’ve probably been right where you are now. From planning to logistics: my job is to nix the roadblocks holding up your growth. Let’s take what’s working and make it better. 

Bring me your most audacious business goal. 

We’ll develop a comprehensive strategy for success and see it through. You are excellent at what you do: makers, healers, coaches, builders. The decision to take your business international, invest in airtight legal preparation and develop the right team is a big one. 

Let’s be honest: This stuff can be hard.

I’m your on-call-business partner, legal advocate and global growth strategist. Finding the right support is the difference between dreaming and success. Let’s make this happen.

A great place to start is a free, 20 minute call.

Or, send me an email and let me know how I can help.

Don’t just start a business, launch a movement. Make ordinary extraordinary.
Let’s do that together.
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