It’s been a pleasure to help people all over the world reach their goals over the last three decades. The work I love most is with small and growing businesses. Seeing the spark in a founder’s eyes when they see a clear path between now and the future they want is my favorite moment. I specialize in helping you:

Put things together.
Develop connections. 
Make things happen. 
Make the impossible real. 

People trust me. People ask me which way to go. 
I excel in supporting people who are doing good.

Consider me a catalyst and confidant on your path to success. I believe that every entrepreneur has the capacity for growth and success when they invest in the right team and resources. 

Here is how I would love to support your growth:
Doing business in The Americas
USA. Mexico. Canada. South America. Developing the right team is everything. Whether your gameplan is import or export. Service based or product focused. Franchise development or expanding locations. I specialize in developing international trade partnerships between countries in the NAFTA zone. 
Confidant. Concierge. Traffic cop. I’ve got your back. 
My strengths and contacts are most effective in curating strategic partners for your next big move. I make the path to international growth easier...and a heck of a lot more fun. From legal to supply chain to distribution and marketing. I know someone who is a perfect fit for your company values and the scope of what you’re working on. You can bet that they’re fantastic, too. My experience in global business development allows for a deep understanding of what it really takes to make it happen. 
Expanding a successful local business or brand
The core of my practice (and my deepest joy) is helping established entrepreneurs see the true potential in what they’ve created. After seeing initial success, many founders are slow to scale or maximize their brand. You deserve better than good enough. I help clients securely reach better.
Sometimes it’s fear. Sometimes it’s logistics. Sometimes it’s capital. Let’s nix all of the excuses.
I’m here to help growing business leaders, particularly women, move past unnecessary barriers and fast forward to the good part. Let’s talk about the most ethical and world-bettering path to your abundant success. I truly believe that we can all stay socially conscious without alienating our lunch money. Let me show you what I’ve learned.
Ditching the high hourly/low face time combo that often comes with big firms
No disrespect to the big guys (some of my best friends are big guys), but their way of doing business isn’t a fit for every business or situation. I like the world where face time with your actual attorney isn’t a special occasion.
Benefit from the dedicated expertise of a global business strategist and lawyer.
Picture this: an international speaker and international legal strategist. On call. For you. Many law firms are fantastic at something...most aren’t good at everything. Sometimes it’s best to call in a specialist. For over 30 years, I’ve focused on the legal side of business growth and international commerce issues. And I don’t charge for paperclips or emails :) Let’s get you thriving. 
Exploring your highest potential as a solopreneur
Tenacious sounds fun, right? For small business leaders, I specialize in Step 1. If you’re looking to fine tune vision, revenue and strategic approach, I’m your grrrrl. You’re likely here because somewhere inside, you know it’s time to play a bigger game.
When an entrepreneur feels confident and legally secure, she can help others.
From unanticipated legal issues to proactive, long term strategy I will figure it out with you. My clients inspire me to bring the best of my experience to support their vision.

My mission is to provide professional and trusted legal support for all aspects of your global growth. I also practice what I preach on the world-bettering stuff. A percentage of yearly profits go to support Onwards Travel. Sustainable, ethical and good-to-people business is the best kind.
I invite you to connect with me and let me know what you’re working on. Let’s turn it into a big deal.


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