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= The World Takes Notice
I’m a global development consultant and one heck of a lawyer. My joy is partnering with small business leaders to create international impact. A bit of world-bettering is always encouraged.
See How I'm Helping Businesses Grow

You might be here because it’s time to play a bigger game. Most lawyers focus solely on negotiations or fixing problems reactively. I help my clients hit breakthroughs. Bring me that goal. The big one. The darn near impossible part. I’m here to serve as concierge on your way to a global vision that makes the world better. Whether you’re a solopreneur or a growing company. Utilize my skills, contacts and over 30 years of expertise to approach the unique challenges of growing an international business.

Going global? That’s my favorite. 
USA - Mexico - Canada - South America
Susan Burns International Lawyer and Business Strategist
Susan Burns LLC is a woman-owned firm. 
I excel in supporting people who are doing good in the world. 

My clients break through logistic, resource and legal barriers to achieve their international business development goals. It’s pretty awesome. 

For me, the best conversations are talking to startup founders and solopreneurs about what’s possible. Let’s make a clear plan, roundup an amazing team of business experts and bring your most ambitious game plan to life. 

Leverage the contacts and strategic expertise of my three decades in entrepreneurial development, corporate counsel and international law.
How Can I Help?
From leadership in the American Bar Association Section of International Law to my role as an entrepreneurial educator for the US Chamber; I’ve handled a lot of business growth challenges. In multiple languages, too.

Furniture. Imports. Tourism. Global Crafts. Manufacturing. Shamanism (...seriously). Artisanal Products. Exports. Design. Agriculture. 

I help business leaders make it happen. Particularly women. No matter where you are on your entrepreneurial journey, I can’t wait to hear about what you’re bringing to into the world. Let’s talk.
Here are some great ways we can work together:
  • Develop your go-to-market team
  • Establish global subsidiaries
  • Develop your franchise plan
  • Manage legal compliance in the US, Mexico, Canada and South America
  • Create revenue and business development strategy
  • International product launches
  • Craft your high-level documents
  • Identify feasibility and partners for import/export operations
  • Relocate your business

"Susan is full of wit and wisdom. She champions her audience and delivers a powerful message to ensure they succeed and are legally savvy.  I am grateful I heard her message!"
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